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Energy Management System (EnMS) as per ISO 50001 refers to a system used by an organisation to manage its activities, product or services in such a way to minimize or eliminate the significant energy use.

ISO 50001 Manual

The ISO 50001 Manual is a mandatory document in the EnMS that must describe how a company will implement its system. It must define whether organisations are applicable and how they will be implemented. It describes the energy management systems structure which has been implemented to meet the ISO 50001 – energy management systems. ISO 50001 manual also describes objectives and responsibilities of the energy management system and provides a link to the system documents to the various elements of the ISO 50001 standard.

ISO 50001 manual document covers company profile, control and distribution, procedures, glossary of terms, organisation structure, etc. The purpose of ISO 50001 manual is to establish and clarify the terms and conditions governing the Energy Management System. These policies define the intentional provision of management to manage operations and activities in accordance with the framework established by the ISO 50001.

An effective ISO 50001 Manual can bring many benefits to an organisation¬†and it’s EnMS:

  • It offers a medium for the organisation to present its commitment and approach to energy management.
  • It is a good place to document other requirements, besides those required in an accessible and easy-to-read format.
  • It helps the auditor do a better and more complete job of EnMS auditing, and in turn, to offer suggestions for improving the system.
  • Perhaps best of all, it provides a good overhead view of the Energy Management System for the management representative, as well as the process owners.

Global Manager Group has more than 900 customers in ISO and management areas in more than 36 nations across the world. The company is progressive and provides customized management services on ISO and other latest management areas. It has achieved cent percent success in providing ISO 9001 certification, ISO training, documentation and manual. Most of its clients successfully clear the ISO audit and attain the ISO certification at the very first attempt.

The Global Manager Group Virtual University is a one-stop portal where you can have choices which are convenient as well as affordable for on-line learning. It is a Value Added Reseller and content provider for 360training. 360training is a market leading provider of compliance and workforce e-Learning solutions. It is dedicated to a high standard of ethics and keeps the customer???s professional growth always at the forefront.

The company???s ISO documentation kit includes sample quality policy manual, quality system procedures covering compulsory procedures, department-wise process flow charts and exhibits covering input-output matrix (document) for all the departments like marketing, purchase, quality, HRD, production, maintenance of stores, dispatch, sample inspection and test plan template, set of standard forms (blank) that can be used with nominal changes, set of standard forms (filled) for faster learning and a question bank consisting of more than 200 questions department wise as per ISO 9001 which can be modified to make one???s own internal audit checklist.

The ISO 9001 manual is an indispensable guide for any business and Global Manager Group provides the manual with the essential elements to help achieve ISO accreditation. The manual guides you in understanding the process and provides you with the foundation of a high quality management system.

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