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ISO Certification ascertains the credibility of your company since an independent organization confirms that you comply with ISO standards. The ISO certification certifies the quality management system of an organization. Acquiring an ISO certification has significant number of benefits attached to it. The ISO certification is a compulsion for suppliers of major purchasers therefore an ISO certification goes a long way in making deals with suppliers as well as marketing one???s product. It is usually observed that ISO certification provides organizations with greater return on assets as compared to their peer companies in the same industry.

ISO certification can be obtained from the many third party certification bodies and it is a widely used management tool. It is generally found that ISO certified companies show superior operational performances. An ISO certification results in superior market performance as well. Investors are usually more confident about investing in ISO certified companies and rightly so since it has been observed that those investing in ISO certified companies are most likely to get better dividends. The process of ISO certification often leads to process improvement within the organization and the results of such improvements can be seen externally as well.

An ISO Certification has shown increase in customer satisfaction and therefore results in greater retention of customers. An ISO certificate is excellent for marketing purposes especially if a company is looking forward to trade in international circles. It also plays a major role in providing awareness as well as a morale boost for employees. It helps in effective utilization of resources, reducing wastage in an organization. As a result of a combination of these factors an ISO certification often results in an increase in profit for an organization.

The advantages of ISO certification are many but there are hassles involved in the process of procurement of license as well. The paperwork and preparation required for an ISO certification is a lot of work and it is often criticized for that purpose. It is without a doubt a beneficial certificate but there are complications in the process therefore training in the ISO certification process can be extremely beneficial for companies as it can help them save time and money.

There are many organizations that offer help in the form of training to organizations seeking quality certifications like ISO certification. These organizations perform a variety of services to train your company for an ISO audit like conducting awareness program for the employees and training them, prepare documents as per requirement of the organization, perform internal audits, suggest corrective actions for unconformities if any and many more. These services are usually offered at a reasonable rate. Some organizations offer training programs online as well that can help save on time and money.

Global Manager Group has more than 900 customers in ISO and management areas in more than 36 nations across the world. The company is progressive and provides customized management services on ISO and other latest management areas. It has achieved cent percent success in providing ISO 9001 certification, ISO training, documentation and manual. Most of its clients successfully clear the ISO audit and attain the ISO certification at the very first attempt.

The Global Manager Group Virtual University is a one-stop portal where you can have choices which are convenient as well as affordable for on-line learning. It is a Value Added Reseller and content provider for 360training. 360training is a market leading provider of compliance and workforce e-Learning solutions. It is dedicated to a high standard of ethics and keeps the customer???s professional growth always at the forefront.

The company???s ISO documentation kit includes sample quality policy manual, quality system procedures covering compulsory procedures, department-wise process flow charts and exhibits covering input-output matrix (document) for all the departments like marketing, purchase, quality, HRD, production, maintenance of stores, dispatch, sample inspection and test plan template, set of standard forms (blank) that can be used with nominal changes, set of standard forms (filled) for faster learning and a question bank consisting of more than 200 questions department wise as per ISO 9001 which can be modified to make one???s own internal audit checklist.

The ISO 9001 manual is an indispensable guide for any business and Global Manager Group provides the manual with the essential elements to help achieve ISO accreditation. The manual guides you in understanding the process and provides you with the foundation of a high quality management system.

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