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The principle standard used by the International Accreditation Service (IAS) to obtain the authority of Inspection Bodies is ISO/IEC 17020. This international standard was recently updated from the 1998 version to the ISO/IEC 17020: 2012, conformity Assessment – Requirements work different types of bodies presenting tests.

Accreditation of inspection agencies is done through the implementation and implementation of ISO/IEC 17020: 2012 Certification – General requirements for the operation of various types of bodies that make up the check. This includes the ability of the certifying Body Test to capture the quality management system and the ability to perform competent tests.

The second edition of the ISO/IEC 17020 was published in March 2012. This effective version includes some changes the Inspection Bodies (IBs) will need to incorporate into your management system in order to maintain it. The ISO 17020 certification audit is conducted by the accredited certifying body auditors.

Global Manager Group offers ISO 17020 Documents which is required for ISO 17020 Accreditation – Conformity Assessment for inspection agency. The ISO 17020 Documentation kit includes ISO 17020 Quality manual, procedures, as well as ready-to-use iso 17020 audit checklists are the most important part of this ISO 17020 accreditation kit and the best part of this documentation kit with using this user can create their effective conformity assessment documents for their own inspection agency on the basis of their organization’s working system.

Benefits of ISO/IEC 17020:2012 System

  • Improved efficiency, productivity and efficiency in the performance of inspection bodies as a whole,
  • Improved level of motivation, collaboration, work and quality awareness include competence,
  • Increased reliability of inspection and performance information by staff. Extensive control of processes and activities across all assessment bodies. Time and cost savings due to reduced or eliminated need for re-testing / re-operation, etc.
  • Provide tips for data analysis and complete record keeping.
  • Provide better guidelines and controls for equipment repairs, maintenance of inspection records, etc.
  • Establish customer management confidence with results and reports and increase customer trust and market share.
  • Better images of test themes like quality test themes in the global market.
  • International recognition and honesty.
  • ISO 17020:2012 The adopted accredited inspection body has a more direct edge over competitors.

Global Manager Group released ISO/IEC 17020:2012 documentation kit in July, 2012 and receives excellent feedback from user all over the world who purchased this document online. Now Global Manager Group has released updated ISO 17020:2012 Document Kit this week, which prepared as per their user requirements. More than 200 global clients from USA, UK, Middle East, Asia and Africa has purchased ISO 17020 document kit online from, and as per their valuable suggestions, GMG has reformatted the documentation and released in Feb 2013. The documents are same as previous one, but some features are upgraded which are inspection manual, department wise flowcharts as well as audit questions for ISO/IEC 17020 certification for inspection agencies as per revised ISO/IEC 17020:2012 standard for conformity assessment. With this update ISO 17020 certification documents becomes more user friendly and meets all of the requirements of the standard more effectively.

The aim of Global Manager Group with this updated iso 17020 document is to provide more effective version of ISO 17020 documents kit which meets all the requirements of clients from USA, UK, Europe and Asia. As per the client???s feedback and suggestion, the documentation kit is designed with full of technical requirements and examples to meets their need as per iso 17020 conformity assessment requirements.

Global Manager Group hearty thanked all the clients who have given their valuable suggestion and feedback. Also congratulate to all the inspection agencies, which purchased the documents online as well as successfully completed ISO/IEC 17020:2012 certification. Global Manager Group provides many other ISO Documents and training presentation as well as Management training presentation kits. Visit:??

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