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Global Manager Group, the one stop effective and economical solution for ISO certification, offers readymade system documents, system awareness and auditor training materials and iso consultancy, has launched SA 8000 documents kit for Social Accountability certification in 2013. The standard has revised in 2014 by International Organization for Social Accountability. GMG has decided to re-prepare documentation kit and team of consultants and SA auditors have involved in preparing documents that help to any organization in SA8000:2014 certification. The SA 8000-2014 Documents is re-launched for selling online, covers documentation requirements of child labor, health and safety, forced labor, disciplinary practices as well as health and safety conditions as per revised 2014 clauses.

This revised SA 8000 documents include SA8000 Social Manual, procedures, SOPs templates and audit checklist that meets requirements of standard SA 8000:2014. These documents are written in simple English language, M.S Word format, which are easy editable for users can easy understand and concept and implements process for won organization.

Advantages of SA 8000:2014 Documents by Global Manager Group

Global Manager Group assures with the re-launching of the document kit for SA 8000-2014 certification that the product will help organization to get number of benefits like engage and motivate, achieve best practice, maintain existing business and attract new customers and investors  and  improving work conditions in the organizations to meet social accountability as well as social organization. SA 8000 Manual, Procedures and formats provided in document kit can help in fine-tuning the processes and establish better control over working condition in the organization. It saves much time and cost in document preparation, which gives 100% value for money to customer as per GMG noted with the product launching event. It takes care for all the section and sub sections of SA8000:2014, which gives better confidence as well as improve the system.

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